Monday, January 4, 2016

Antique Buffet Painted in Mermaid Tail DIY Paint

You guys, I am SO excited about this piece!  The pictures do not do it justice!

This antique buffet was a family heirloom for one of my clients.  It has definitely seen better days.  It had previously been painted and stripped and left sitting for a long time.  It was very wobbly and the doors were broken and warped.  My hubby went to work right away making it sturdy and taking the doors completely apart and gluing and clamping them back together.  Then it was my turn to work some magic.



My client wanted a very rustic, worn look in turquoise and I suggested a stained top.  If you've been following me long, you know that a stained top on any piece is my signature look.  I will say, that this was a little out of my comfort zone.  I don't typically do a lot of heavy distressing and I very rarely use dark wax.  It's just not my personal style.  However, I wasn't doing this piece for me or to sell, I was doing this for a client.

Since the wood was so light in color, I stained the entire piece in Java Gel Stain first.  When that was dry, I painted 2 coats of  DIY Paint in Mermaid Tail.  It's a bright turquoise/aqua color...but it wouldn't be for long.

When the paint was dry, I started distressing using a damp old sock.  DIY Paint is so easy and wonderful to wet distress.  No sanding dust in my house!  WooHoo!

The next day I applied dark wax directly to the paint.  No, I did not use clear wax first!  DIY Dark and Decrepit Wax can be applied directly to the paint without using a clear wax first.  Simply brush the dark wax on and immediately wipe away the excess wax.  You are then left with a gorgeous aged patina.

I love how the dark wax settle into all of the gorgeous details and nooks and crannies.

I have to say, this is probably one of my favorite pieces to date.  I wanted to keep it for myself.  :)  I ended up really loving the heavy distressing and dark wax.  Mermaid Tail was made for dark wax!

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