Sunday, February 15, 2015

Debi's Design Diary DIY Paint

I am pleased to announce that The Painted Chest is now a Retailer for Debi Beard's DIY Paint!

DIY Paint comes in 20 fabulous colors and is non-toxic and all natural.  It is made of chalk, clay, and minerals.  It is designed to give you a smooth finish, but also has the unique ability to create texture.

It is Made in the U.S.A. by Heirloom Traditions, a third-generation family business in Louisville, Kentucky.  Unlike many chalk-type paint brands, DIY Paint is made from scratch.  The pigment is crushed into the formula.  When the paint is made this way vs. adding pigment to a pre-made base, the pigmentation is much deeper.

DIY Paint distresses beautifully.  Because there is no latex or acrylic in our paint, you can rub the paint back with a wet cloth or wet sanding block.  Some people even use a baby wipe.  This makes completing a project indoors a breeze!  No more dusty mess!

Top coat your piece with one of their wonderful furniture waxes in clear, dark, or white.  Or you can use the new Liquid Patina which comes in 4 fabulous colors!

You can purchase in-store or order online at: Shop DIY Paint

I will soon be hosting FUN classes and workshops using this amazing paint!  So watch for my class schedule!

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