Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Antique Wardrobe

The antique wardrobe is finished...for now. Mr. DIY is still digging in his heels about painting the exterior of the wardrobe. After a good cleaning with bleach and Lysol, I got started.

Mr. DIY is 6'2". The wardrobe is over 7 feet tall.

The interior was a rough, unfinished wood. I used an old "junk" brush to prime. Due to the previous inhabitants of said wardrobe, I wanted to make sure every inch was covered.

I thought I chose a nice, fresh olive green color for the interior. Instead it looked like neon yellow. I tried to live with it for a few days. It wasn't happening. Back to Lowes I went.

The new color I chose is called Weathered Glass (EB8-3) by Eddie Bauer Home at Lowes. It is nice and bright and gives me a feeling of clean when I open the doors. The pictures are not great because I took them with my old point and shoot...and they were taken indoors. The dark spot you see on some of the pictures is something on the lens inside the camera. I'll use my Rebel XT from now on.

When I finished painting, Mr. DIY built new shelves for both sides of the wardrobe. They are got a fresh coat of Weathered Glass.

For now, it is still sitting in our dining room. It is too big to maneuver it into our bedroom. Slowly but surely, I'll get it moved into our home office. I will use it to store cherished, hand-quilted quilts, embroidered doilies, runners, and pillow cases made by Mr. DIY's grandmother. It also holds grandma's wedding gown and my wedding gown.


  1. This looks great, tricia!!! Have you thought about just leaving the armoire unpainted on the outside? I actually like that its wood and then when you open it...Bam, color! You did a really good job and I actually like both colors!

  2. That is a gorgeous piece of furniture! I love it. :)


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