Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's over

The tornadoes all went around us. We had straight-line winds and lots of rain. No injuries or significant damage in my town. Quite a bit of damage about 30 miles to the south of us. Every muscle in my body is aching today from all of my anxiety yesterday. I'm so thankful that we were spared and praying for those who were not.

I have many, many projects that I need to post about, but I need to scan in the before pictures. I didn't think to take pics before we started tearing things up. The only pictures I have are from when I bought the house...before I had a digital camera. The other problem is that those pictures are in a tote in the top of a closet that I can't reach. Need to get Mr. DIY to get up there and get them down for me.

I have many projects to work on this summer too. I want to refinish the rocking chair that I had as a child for my son. I also have a porch swing that my grandpa made for me before he died that needs to be refinished. So stay tuned for more posts...I promise!


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