Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nursery Part 1

Imported from my family blog, September 2008:

Mr. DIY started on the nursery on Sunday. For whatever reason, the nursery is the only room in the house that had wood paneling on the walls...real wood, not compressed board. We tried a test spot of Kilz primer and paint. It scratched right off the walls. We tried sanding with a block and with an electric sander. Did another test spot...still no good. That varnish or lacquer or whatever it is that was used when this house was built in the 70's was some tough stuff.

So we decided our only choice was to rip the paneling off the walls and put up drywall...which actually makes us both happy. We both had a gut feeling that the painted paneling wouldn't look nice, but neither of us wanted to say anything to the other. :) So, Mr. DIY got all the trim and paneling torn down by Sunday evening. His stepdad is going to come down and help hang and mud the drywall.

Did I also mention that we've decided to re-finish the hardwood floors in there too? It is going to be a busy month.

Removing the first piece of paneling.

Mr. DIY is proud!

All of the paneling has been removed.

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